How to store your coffee beans at home. Recommendations and advise

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Ok, lets go.

Let’s talk about something really important today. What if you decide to make your coffee at home but you really care about quality and freshness of it? We got you covered. In this blog we’ll talk about how to store your coffee beans to preserve freshness and great taste of your favorite roast.

You might have heard people say that the best place to store coffee is a refrigerator. Unfortunately, it's a stereotype that is simply not true. The fridge is a very unstable environment for the coffee beans, the temperature can increase and decrease, there is light and what is worse, there are a lot of different smells that can penetrate the beans. The fridge can destroy even the most expensive and quality beans.

Alternatives? Freezer and storage shelves. Well, let's see. Once the coffee beans have been roasted they very quickly lose their freshness, the taste flattens and the beans might even taste bitter. Roasted coffee is very quick to absorb moisture as well as outside smells, and the oils in the coffee beans enter a chemical reaction with the oxygen in the air and thus oxidize. So to make sure your coffee stays fresh longer, you have to know how to store it correctly.

If your coffee has been grinded, know it has the shortest “life span”. Grinded coffee has more contact points with the outside world then whole beans do and will start losing its freshness right after it has been grinded. Even if you have a proper packaging expect it to remain fresh for a day or two. We recommend to buy pre-grinded coffee only as a last resort or if you are planning to drink it right away. Otherwise we recommend to choose whole beans and grind them at home once you ready to enjoy your cup of coffee.

How to store coffee beans? If you store your coffee right you can trust it will be fresh for a month or even two after it has been roasted. But remember if you purchase your bag at a grocery store, you want to check the roast date on the package to make sure it's still fresh. Your best bet in terms of freshness are coffee shops, of course, because they get their beans from the local roasters mostly and get them fresh every 1-2 weeks.

Where to store coffee beans? Most common ways to store coffee beans are paper bags, mason jars and plastic packaging.

Paper bags with zip lock and degassing valve are the best for coffee bean storage. They will protect the beans from air and moisture, the degassing valve will insure the CO2 that freshly roasted beans emit leaves the package.

The second best place to store coffee beans are ceramic or glass jars with hermetic seal. The advantage of those is that they as successfully combat moisture and outside smells as you paper packaging, however, the air will remain inside of the jars and continue to oxidize the beans which will cause the beans to lose their freshness fast.

We do not recommend to use plastic containers at all, because they are not always 100% hermetic, they let the light in and often times, the coffee will absorb the smell of plastic itself.

What is the best place to store coffee?

If you are planning to use the beans faster then within a month, the best place to store them is in your kitchen cupboard or any other place that has steady temperature and there is no direct light coming through. You want to make sure the cupboard is reasonably far from the stove as the temperature will often rise and fall in any close proximity to the stove.

If you buy coffee and want it to last longer than a month, you can store it in the freezer but there are several rules to follow in that case.

The package can not be see through and has to be fully hermetic. You also want to make sure you take as much air out of the package as possible as you do not want condensation to appear in the package. You can not take the coffee out of the freezer and then put it back in, if you are planning to use it in doses then you want to put it in different containers and once you took the container out of the freezer, it can not go back in. Before frozen coffee is ready to be used you need to warm it up to room temperature. You can not preheat it in any way, of course, just let it sit out on the counter until it reaches room temperature.

Ok, so that’s a lot of information, why don’t we put it in a few easy to remember bullet points.

1. Try to avoid buying pre-grinded coffee if possible.

2. Never store coffee in the fridge.

3. The best way to store coffee is in a hermetic package with a degassing valve.

4. If you are buying coffee that you are planning to use fast you can store it in a kitchen cupboard or any dry dark place with a steady temperature.

5. If you buy coffee for a longer period of time, you can store it in the freezer but remember to pack it in several hermetic packages, so once you take the package out of the freezer it never goes back in.

6. Air, light, temperature increases and decreases, odors are coffee’s main enemies. Try to save your coffee from them!

We hope, this blog entry was useful and interesting for you. Looking forward to seeing you at Enigma Coffee soon.

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